Nathan For You and Dumb Starbucks.

Nathan Fielder is amazing.

“Nathan For You” finally gets its first two season on DVD. It’s the show that Comedy Central seems to love hiding, but it finds what matters in subtle comedy. Nathan Fielder plays everything straight while trying to keep a documentary feel. But, does it stop being comedy? The guy turned Dumb Starbucks into a real thing and got a self-help book to the top of the Amazon charts. When does it stop being a laugh and stars messing with reality?

Some might ask where’s the comedy in directly antagonizing Starbucks or staging a fake viral video about an animal-on-animal rescue? It makes a moment and you might get a chuckle. But, is it comedy? What I love about the show is that it embraces the chance to fail. A comedy about failure on American TV is stunning.

The DVD comes with extended episode cuts, deleted scenes, parody songs and tons of real life press material as the special features. The A/V Quality is sharp for standard definition. I would’ve loved to have seen it in HD, but do we really need comedic real world stunts in 5.1 surround? The tech nerd in me says YES. The rational side says that I’m glad we’re actually getting it released.

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2015

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