“The Nanny” spent most of the 1990s squatting at CBS. But, so many shows seemed to make a habit of doing that. Tweaking the tried and true concepts of classic sitcoms, the show centers on a Queens woman becoming the Nanny for a Broadway producer. Well, his children and not the grown man himself. However, the guy that played Mr. Sheffield would later appear on “Mad Men” in Season 3. The rest of the show is Fran Drescher milking everything out of Jewish Culture that prime time TV would allow.

The constant show business meanderings echo “I Love Lucy”, but Fran Drescher kept the influences constantly spinning. Nobody overstepped any roles on the show, but they just spent six years making the most middle of the road sitcom possible. But, it had personality. That’s something that I never saw in any of the sitcoms launched around the same time on CBS. Let’s take a look at the show.

I just spent a week and change watching the entire series and all I remember is that the oldest daughter was the voice of Supergirl in the DC Animated shows. Spalding Gray showed up for a bit and it was nice to see him act happy. At times, the show turned into The Love Boat with all of the cameos. It was annoying, as a ton of them didn’t make sense. But, it’s a sitcom…it’s not like we’re supposed to expect anything! That statement made me cringe.

The DVD comes with featurettes and select episode commentaries by Fran Drescher as the special features. There is a booklet included which helps with the 19 discs of content. The A/V Quality is typical for a standard definition show from the 1990s. It’s a flat presentation with the Dolby Stereo track keeping it all in the front channels. In the end, it’s worth a purchase to fans. Everyone else can avoid it.

Release Date: 03/17/15

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