Tons of people were on this show.

“My Favorite Martian” gets the complete series treatment and it pays off. Reporter Tim O’ Hara makes the discovery of a lifetime when he makes first contact with a Martian. The Martian is curious about human life, so he disguises himself as Tim’s Uncle Martin to live among the Earthlings. To make the show fit better into the 1960s landscape, CBS threw in a wacky landlord to spy on Martin. The Martian effects are cheap, but it fits with the era. What’s more impressive is the fact that the show was a Sci-Fi comedy that managed to land so many guest stars. Everyone did this show.

All three seasons of the CBS TV series are lovingly remastered. I’ve seen the show over the years in various degrees of disarray. Watching effort placed in a show that has seemingly fallen out of mainstream want makes my heart happy. Every show deserves to be restored like this, so they don’t fall to the wayside. I just wish that the effort could’ve taken place when Bill Bixby and Ray Walston were alive. Time removes the ability to get expert commentary from creative types of yesteryear.

The DVD set comes with original cast and sponsor commercials, plus vintage game & talk show appearances by Ray Walston. If that wasn’t enough, you get home movies, photo galleries, comic strips, radio show interviews, animation reel and the lost TV Pilots as the special features. The A/V Quality is amazing for a show of its age. The transfer is standard definition, but clear as a bell. The same goes for the 2.0 mono tracks. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2015

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