MVD/FILMRISE COLLECTION: Motherland, The Good Postman, Ice Mother and more!

MVD/FILMRISE COLLECTION: Motherland, The Good Postman, Ice Mother and more! 1


The Good Postman follows one tiny town’s efforts to serve as the Great Gate between Asia and Europe. Now, they have to vote on something that will have immigration and political implications for the rest of their world.

Inflame follows a news worker, as she attempts to reclaim lost memories. Did her parents really die in a car crash? All the while, paranoia seeps in for a woman who is losing her grip on sanity.

Ice Mother follows a woman trying to overcome the death of her husband. Now, she dives into winter swimming to find a new purpose. It’s touching, but very light.

I Called Him Morgan is about keeping an eye on your lady, because she might shoot you. The rest of the material is a very serious non-fiction drama about what can lead to these situations.

Southwest of Salem is a serious look at The San Antonio Four. These four Latina lesbians were falsely convicted during the Satanic panic of the 90s. Now, their victims are recanting their stories and the push is on to free these ladies.

Tormentero is the tale of a retired fisherman who discovers an oil field. This oil makes his friends reject him, but he pushes against this to find a sense of love long lost.

Body of Deceit plays like a Zalman King story abroad. A lady has a head injury and comes out of a coma not remembering much. From there, she’s hooking up with a lady and trying to figure out what makes sense in life.


Motherland is a documentary about the world’s busiest maternity ward. Watching as these women bring new life into the world at factory levels is astonishing. Out of all the movies, this was the one that stuck with me. The mechanics of organics produces such a funny image that it made me chuckle.


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  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0/5.1


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