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Morgan Freeman stars in another terrible movie.

Momentum has none.

“Momentum” is about a high class female thief who accidentally botches a major heist. At play is a flash drive that a certain senator wants to possess. If he can get it, he can triggers another 9/11 to manipulate for political favor. The female thief plays off her friends to get more information, while staying one step ahead of the enemy. Naturally, it’s a South African production that got dumped on the world market and ignored by most.

That being said, it never knows if it wants to be Salt, Lucy or La Femme Nikita. All the while, it decides that it never wants to tell an original story with purpose. The A/V Quality is supportive with a 1080p transfer and Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track. So, I guess that it’s a small favor. Most will avoid it, but give it a shot at the Redbox if you’re a fan of Freeman or whatever this movie wants to be.

RELEASE DATE: 12/1/2015

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