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Maxwell Caulfield and Bob Yari play Mind Games in a forgotten film

Mind Games could have been a fake movie for all I knew. MVD has been releasing the Bob Yari for the last few months and I can’t say any of them are making an impression on me. That’s OK, as not everything is going to blow your hair back. But, I dug the holy hell out of the documentary included with the release. I couldn’t get over the fact that the making-of documentary was longer than the actual film.

Most readers remember Maxwell Caulfield from Empire Records. The older ones will reach out deeper to Grease 2. However, I kind of like him as a douchebag in this movie. What I don’t get is how Shawn Weatherly alternates from being super into him, then repelled by him. The constant shifts were confusing, but this was a generic movie. When you make a movie like Mind Games, the end result is showing the family surviving the initial threat.

Mind games 3

The Blu-ray comes with a feature length documentary as its key special feature. Plus, you get featurettes, trailers and a mini poster. That’s a ton of material for a film that I just learned existed 3 weeks ago. Check out the screenshots for the A/V Quality and decide on a purchase.

Mind games is AVAILABLE NOW!

Mindgames 1

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