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Double Impact: MVD Rewind Collection [Blu-ray review]

Double Impact came from that magical era in Jean-Claude Van Damme history. It was after the initial entries and right when he could get anything made. This time, it’s JCVD in his own episode of the Patty Duke Show. The difference being is that JCVD plays twin brothers separated at birth because their parents were murdered. It sounds like a child wrote it.

The MVD Rewind Collection continues its amazing recent streak of releases. You’re getting a feature length making-of documentary about the film. You are getting deleted and extended scenes. Hell, they even created new featurettes with the director. Plus, what about all that vintage promo material from 1991? It’s like I died in the 5th grade and this is some messed up version of Heaven.

I’m not a JCVD superfan, but films like this kinda made me wonder about action movie tastes in the 90s. The direction and set pieces are amazing. However, JCVD always felt too much like a dancer and less of an action star. Pouring over the hours of content on the disc only confirmed my opinions.

Still, if you’ve got a boner for this era of JCVD, then head out and buy it.

Double Impact arrives on May 28th, 2019

Double Impact

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