Master of Dark Shadows: Why Dan Curtis Mattered [Review]

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master of dark shadows

Master of Dark Shadows is a documentary that I’ve put off covering for a bit. While I saw it a month ago, it took a little longer to wrap my head around it. You might ask what was so hard to understand about a love letter documentary to Dan Curtis and Dark Shadows? Well, that’s just it. Sometimes a fan can get wrapped up in the sheer volume of love packaged onto one disc. Hell, I had never see the Dick Cavett Show episode featuring Jonathan Frid before this disc.

master of dark shadows

Dan Curtis is one of the greatest horror voices in American entertainment. Well, greatest voices from 1965-1980. For 90 minutes, I appreciate anything that lets me relive that genius and gloss through his career highlights. It’s the documentary equivalent of having Ian McShane narrate your late-night Wiki deep content research dives. What? No one else is into that.

Well, people like you are why horror is struggling right now. Not struggling in the financial sense, but in the creative output. Just be better, people. How many more Conjuring Universe movies do we need at this point? The powers that be even managed to botch the Pet Sematary remake.

Master of Dark Shadows arrives on April 16th!



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