Two married friends employ a single playboy to help them get their mojo back to save their marriages.


“My Man is a Loser” is about the differences between men and woman that exist outside of genitalia. Two married guys get John Stamos to help save their marriages. It just turns out that the women want confidence. But, the script wants the men to learn to be themselves. If you laugh at any point of this movie, then you are deader inside than Joel Osteen. But, let’s get back to the narrative. The narrative being the thin story that carries this movie for 95 minutes.

Romantic comedies are such dreck that it makes films like “They Came Together” work that much better. Hell, seeing John Stamos in both films was like watching an actor going through some penance for a transgression that he prays no one caught on film. In the grand scheme of things to get pissed over, romantic comedies rank very low on the priority list. That being said, there’s something about distilling something as complicated as a relationship into a generic formula that seems to want to curtail general personality traits. It’s a fantasy and one that won’t exist outside of the world of the film. While some might say that I’m targeting the gender that tends to keep these films afloat, I don’t buy that as an excuse. There are romantic comedies out there that don’t play with the wit of a half-written Cosmo article. Why accept any compromises in terms of quality?

The DVD comes with a Digital Copy as the only special feature. The A/V Quality is average for standard definition. The transfer works for what it is. The same goes for the Dolby 5.1 surround track. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 09/09/2014

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