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I never wanted to say goodbye to Mad Men. Yes, I still enjoy The Simpsons. Why do you ask?

Well, it ended better than The Sopranos.

“Mad Men” enters the second half of its final season. Bert Cooper is dead, the gang is breaking apart and Don needs to get away. Betty’s dying, Joan is being harassed and Roger just wants to bang the old French broad. How is this all going to end? Well, not as you expect, but satisfying enough for a proper story conclusion. I would’ve liked everyone bowing down to the superiority of Pete Campbell, but he made out like a bandit.

Looking back at the series a few months after the finale aired, I’m not sure what I expected. Did I think we were going to get a Godfather III ending with an elderly Don Draper? Why would that happen? Matthew Weiner comes from the David Chase school of stories continuing after the audience leaves. If we believe in the world of Sterling Cooper, we have to know how unimportant we are to their lives. Change happens, as companies are bought and people move on. That is the final lesson of this series.

The Blu-Ray comes with a ton of period featurettes like the past few seasons. You also get a stunning presentation, as the A/V Quality has not dropped off over the last few years. The 1080p transfer is flawless. If that wasn’t enough, the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track will make you believe that January Jones can break a rib in all 5.1 channels. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

If you haven’t picked up any of the season sets so far, I’d recommend splurging and getting the Complete Collection. The package design is nice and you get a nice booklet to go along with the material. There’s also some exclusive content for the SDCP fans out there. The only thing it’s missing is an Old Fashioned and a pair of lace panties from the night before. Casual sex and workplace drinking…I’ll miss this show.

RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2015

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