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Lionsgate 4K UHD review: Lord of War, Hellboy Animated, Man on a Ledge

Lord of War

Lord of War is better than you remember.

That’s not saying much as I’m starting to become convinced that most of the Internet has a 48 month memory at best. Basically, Cage and Jared Leto star as arms dealers trying to make their way in the world. Based loosely on a term of gunrunners that helped America out during the 1980s, the film fictionalizes a lot of the material. Andrew Niccol continues to be one of those directors that is too smart for the room. But, it’s an insanely fresh take on something that went cold during Deal of the Century.

The 4K transfer is impressive, but the Dolby Atmos track is impeccable. Tracing that one bullet shot around the world will work out your multi-speaker setup.

Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms / Blood & Iron

Hellboy got the animated treatment shortly after his second live-action film. These films were originally covered on DVD back when Anchor Bay still existed. Hell, I’m kinda wistful for the days when Anchor Bay and AndersonVision would put together some crazy contests.

Anyways, the upgrade to 4K doesn’t quite floor me. All of the special features and goodness of the original DVD releases make an appearance here. The upscaled 2160p transfer is good enough, but it’s not going to convince anyone to upgrade to 4K. Still, it’s a solid pick-up for Hellboy fans.

Hellboy Lord

Man on a Ledge

Man on a Ledge only came out in 2012. Why does the film feel like it was from a decade ago? Going back through the site archives, I realize that we gave this one a lot of attention at a theatrical and initial Blu-ray promo level. However, I didn’t remember a single detail about the film when rewatching it in 4K. The Dolby Atmos track pops, but the upscaled 4K transfer leaves a lot to be desire.

Even when compared to the included Blu-ray, it just looks less dark than the 1080p presentation. Some might ask, well what about the movie? To that I say…well, what about it?

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