Lola Bates LP review: New music I actually like

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Lola Bates

Lola Bates is a young talent that has performed on everything from The Howard Stern Show to playing piano on the scores for Guardians of the Galaxy Vols. 1 and 2. Now, she’s almost out of High School and producing a stunning debut LP. While I’m not a big fan of modern music, I have to say that what Lola lays down is pretty incredible.

Lost in the City and The Fuck You Song show a level of composition that I didn’t expect. But, it also feels way loose for a musician that has been classically trained since the age of 5. I’ve had a few weeks to listen to Bates’ music and I’m pretty pleased.

Given the sheer volume of distractions I have for musical choices, I keep finding myself returning to soothing allure of Bates’ opening effort. I know that it might sound weird to bring up why staying power matters. However, we live in a world of unlimited media options.

If something feels important and gels with your style, make it work.

Lola Bates LP track listing

1.    Still A Mess
2.    Hey Hey Hey
3.    Lost in the City
4.    I’m Gonna Lose You
5.    Red Hot
6.    The Fuck You Song
7.    That’s Life
8.    The Day That I Walked
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The Plot Thus Far

17-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lola Bates debut album Red Hot is set for release March 29 on Human Made Records. The single ”Red Hot” was released in February on all digital platforms and the video release is set for wide release on February 12.  Classically trained pianist since age 5, Bates may still be in high school but on her 8-song debut LP, she brings a wealth of professional experience and passion to her album.


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