Lola Bates LP review: New music I actually like

Lola Bates

Lola Bates is a young talent that has performed on everything from The Howard Stern Show to playing piano on the scores for Guardians of the Galaxy Vols. 1 and 2. Now, she’s almost out of High School and producing a stunning debut LP. While I’m not a big fan of modern music, I have to say that what Lola lays down is pretty incredible.

Lost in the City and The Fuck You Song show a level of composition that I didn’t expect. But, it also feels way loose for a musician that has been classically trained since the age of 5. I’ve had a few weeks to listen to Bates’ music and I’m pretty pleased.

Given the sheer volume of distractions I have for musical choices, I keep finding myself returning to soothing allure of Bates’ opening effort. I know that it might sound weird to bring up why staying power matters. However, we live in a world of unlimited media options.

If something feels important and gels with your style, make it work.

Lola Bates LP track listing

1.    Still A Mess
2.    Hey Hey Hey
3.    Lost in the City
4.    I’m Gonna Lose You
5.    Red Hot
6.    The Fuck You Song
7.    That’s Life
8.    The Day That I Walked
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