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Dead Ant 17

Dead Ant was way better than I expected. An 80s hair metal power ballad band is performing a show at a desert concert. On the way to the concert, they buy peyote off an Indian and his little person companion. The gang takes the peyote and things are going good until one of them pisses on a nearby ant. Somehow, the peyote made his piss magical and the ant begins to grow insanely large. The ant takes the magic piss back to his ant hill and now things are getting all Eight Legged Freaks.

Tom Arnold steals the show for me. He’s scummy, yet cares about his band. As he begins to lose appendages to the ever growing ants…he comes to find his humanity. But, this is a movie with the sensibility that one would expect from a 12 year old kid. If you ever wanted to see a Jake Busey fronted band fight killer ants, while Sean Astin backs him up…this is the movie for you. That being said, let’s get back to Tom Arnold.

Why is it a crime to show an actor having fun being a douchebag? In a world where too many real douches exist, I still have a place in my heart for the moustache twirlers. I know that many of you won’t get this in a theater near you, so check it out on Digital HD or On Demand. It’s worth a deep January screening.

Dead Ant opens in theaters, on demand & digital HD January 25, 2019!

Dead Ant


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