Sean Astin

Dead Ant 1

Dead Ant

Dead Ant was way better than I expected. An 80s hair metal power ballad band is performing a show at a desert concert. On the way to the concert, they buy peyote off an Indian and his little person co...

Dead Ant 4


UNLEASHED REVIEWED “Unleashed” is saved by Kate Micucci. She manages to find the right balance of cute and less crazy to make the material work. The material is paper thin and it forces ex...

Dead Ant 6


RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES REVIEWED “Return of the Killer Tomatoes” was a film that I first encountered on VHS inside an indie pharmacy chain. This wasn’t a great pharmacy, as they went...

Dead Ant 8


“Hatched” is a film about birds based on movie stars saving their alien friend from danger. They work together, as their homes come under attack and I can’t do it. I spent time watch...

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