“Unleashed” is saved by Kate Micucci. She manages to find the right balance of cute and less crazy to make the material work. The material is paper thin and it forces exposition whenever the movie paints itself into corner. Honestly, it feels like a nostalgic hipster targeted Hallmark movie with its lack of a solid plot, corny dialogue and push to make a relationship happen. It’s kinda genius in that way. Most sites that would never consider reviewing a deep cable TV movie would give a film like this a chance with its acting line-up. Oh well, it is what it is.


  • Unrated
  • 1 hr and 36 mins
  • Level 33 Entertainment


  • 81%
    Film Score - 81%

The Plot Thus Far

In UNLEASHED, a cosmic event turns Emma’s dog and cat into two perfect guys, forcing her to reconsider her outlook on dating, hilariously work out her trust issues, and ultimately learn to love herself.

Written and directed by three-time Sundance alum FINN TAYLOR (DREAM WITH THE FISHES, CHERISH, THE DARWIN AWARDS & ANNAPOLIS currently screening at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC) and produced by fellow Sundance alum and Independent Spirit Award winner SUSAN JOHNSON (CARRIE PILBY, MEAN CREEK & EYE OF THE HURRICANE), UNLEASHED features an ensemble cast including Kate Micucci (The Lego Batman Movie, When in Rome, & Don’tThinkTwice), Justin Chatwin (1 Night, War of the Worlds, CBS TV’s “American Gothic”, & Showtime’s “Shameless”), Steven Howey (BrideWars, CW TV’s “Reba”, & Showtime’s “Shameless”), Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect 1, 2 & 3, Amazon’s “Patriot”), Ileana Douglas (Ghost World, Goodfellas), Josh Brener (The Internship, HBO’s “Silicon Valley”), and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings, Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, & 50 First Dates).


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