Directors: The Wachowskis
Writers: The Wachowskis
Cast: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth
Studio: Warner Brothers

“Jupiter Ascending” is a film about animal soldiers and familial dynasties that are reincarnating across time and space. Earth is nothing more than a holding pen for fodder to feed the Royal Houses of the far-off galaxy. So, it surprises the titular Jupiter to discover how large her world is about to become. She is aided by the Bee oriented Stinger and the lupine soldier Caine. Throw in some amazing cinematography, interesting set design and the most fluid editing since Speed Racer for quite a visual feast. It’s just a shame that they let the cast speak.

This film is so ambitious in the way that a young teenager strives to bring to the world. So much focus is placed on world-building and imagery, that the creative talent forgets about character motivation and dialogue. Personally, I want films like this to succeed as it changes the scope of Sci-Fi that seems to have been hard-wired into the American mainstream between 1977-1987. That being said, if directors are going to start breaking out of the box, they need a legit product to warrant the effort. Talking to readers and others on the social media lead me to dub the film “Turkish Dune”, but I think that term gives the film a pass. Warner Brothers invested so much time and capital into the film that they should’ve demanded something slightly more coherent.

I won’t call this film terrible, but it is far from being the Sci-Fi epic that the Wachowskis desperately wanted to make. Hell, Channing Tatum practically plays a buff version of Barf from Spaceballs. Basically, what you are watching is a Sci-Fi film about a woman falling in love with her dog, while taking advice from Sean Bee-an. The more I think about this film, the more I want to watch it again. The American theater-going audience have been missing high-priced schlock for ages. Check it out for the hilarity, stay for the clever cameo.


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