Director: Morten Tyldum
Writer: Graham Moore
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Charles Dance, Mark Strong
Studio: The Weinstein Company

“The Imitation Game” is hard film to cover without bringing up how it checks off boxes belonging to the Oscar race. World War II setting, a homosexual character in the lead, issues of arrogance and period costumes all add up to whatever it is that powers the Academy. That being said, it’s a solid film that stands on its merits. Cumberbatch and Knightley absolutely kill in their roles. I just wish that more attention could’ve been paid to how the UK government really used Turing. We got hints of it without anyone ever really going for the throat.

Benedict Cumberbatch will get an Oscar nomination for this role. I don’t believe that he wins, however this is the performance that fires a shot to remind the world that he is a big star. “Doctor Strange” will only confirm that fact, but it’s amazing to see such a strong performer take it to the next level. Keira Knightley is damn near perfect in everything that she does, especially as she elevates yet another supporting girl role. More than anything, I hope that this film ignites an interest in Turing among the young.

I appreciate hearing about the unsung heroes of World War II. Still, it’s tech historians and related nerds of lore that give Alan Turing his much deserved respect. While the constant flashbacks of the film might make it hard for neophytes to build a history of Turing, there is a rich library of books about the man. Just keep reminding yourself while reading the original non-fiction insights that it was a different time and how things have come so far since then. It will be the only way that you keep your blood pressure in check.


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