The Hunt for Red October remains the only book, film, fond memory that your father has left. [4K UHD review]

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The Hunt for Red October was the movie that made the Dad Novel into the Dad feature film. As someone who has been personally yelled at by Tom Clancy on two past occasions, I have to applaud one’s commitment to the Guardian of Dad Media. What does that mean?

Tom Clancy has a way with American military and espionage that feels like Horatio Hornblower by way of the TV crime drama. Hell, Donald Bellisario owes most of his career to Clancy’s work. Coming at the end of the Cold War, producer Mace Neufeld had to underwrite a chunk of the film to make it enticing to Paramount. I mean, the Wall was down and more older relics were going away. So, why make a period piece about 1984 Cold War theatrics?

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The answer is because Dads love rigid order and structure. Hell, most older people dig it. Don’t believe me? Go to CBS (their preferred network) and list every show that ranks in the Top 50. 90% of them are police, military and medical shows dedicated to older figures preserving the rule of law and order. Don’t believe, jump back over the last 20 years. List every single show that pops up.

Specialized audiences dig materials that pander to them. While they might not always have military, criminal justice or medical backgrounds…they almost demand hero figures that uphold the status quo. That desire to keep things running in the middle is what powers Connery’s character in the film alongside Jack Ryan to resolve the Cold War in their own little way.

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Sean Connery in the Hunt for Red October is probably his last great role. There’s a reason why the guy retired in the early 00s. After you’ve been James Bond and an Untouchable, it’s hard to get people to see you as anything other than a badass. In pursuing the removal of the Red October from the Cold War stage, Sean Connery’s Ramius is a hero of a new age.

The 4K disc comes a commentary, featurette and trailers as the special features. Check out the screen shot gallery to see that stunning A/V Quality. If you’re a fan, you’re onboard. Honestly, I’d just check it out to see the greatest Jack Ryan movie ever made. To answer the point made above, Mr. Clancy lived in central Maryland during the early 00s. He yelled at me twice for being a smartass. Some things never change.

The Hunt for Red October is available now!

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