A&E takes a dramatic look inside the lives of people struggling to overcome compulsive hoarding in season two of Hoarders. The #1 nonfiction series follows people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.

Whether they’re facing eviction, the loss of their children, jail time, or divorce, these compulsive hoarders are desperately in need of help. In fly-on-the-wall style, A&E is there to document the drama as experts work to put each on the road to recovery. But cleaning is just the first step, and healing is not guaranteed. For some, throwing away even the tiniest possession a sponge, a button, an empty box is so painful that they won t be able to complete the cleaning process. For others, professional help and an organizer’s guidance give them the strength to recover. At the end of each episode find out who has been able to keep their hoarding behavior at bay and who, despite help, is still lost inside this painful disease.



Compulsive hoarders on the brink of personal crisis make a desperate attempt to clean up their acts in the second season of this hit A&E series that sends in reinforcements — including a professional therapist and organizer — in an effort to help. Stories include Gail, a former ballerina whose house lacks any floor space, and Augustine, a level-5 hoarder whose “God Bless This Mess” sign is a bit of an understatement. It’s good to see these people getting help, and even better to see that help coming from a professional therapist and organizer.

The second season of “Hoarders” is less interesting because we see less of the emotional and physical turmoil each “victim” goes through and more fluff and stuff. We liked the drama, and sure there is some, but it has been scaled back. Thus, the second season is actually quite boring, and we find ourselves not really caring about the people with this disease as much as we cared for the people from the first season.

The DVD comes with no special features. But, the A/V Quality seems a world improved over the standard broadcast. However, I’m left wondering why we couldn’t get bonus material or even EPK fluffy to complete the set. Having the season split automatically cuts us down on sheer content. Why can’t more material be found to round out the package? Oh well, it’s worth a rental.




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