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The Great American Dream Machine was public television before you faked caring about it.

Hey! It's the show that Saturday Night Live ripped off.

“The Great American Dream Machine” was the precursor for the wave of adult comedy to come in the later 1970s. Feeling the need to tie into themes and go a little more “man on the street”, the show always felt closer to really good public radio. But, I’m acting like I had seen the show before the DVD set arrived. Hell, I never knew that clip of Elaine Stritch singing “Ladies Who Lunch” came from this show. As you go through all four discs, the show becomes a never ending parade of familiar faces.

You have Chevy Chase, Albert Brooks, Linda Lavin, Penny Marshall, Charles Grodin, Marshal Efron and tons of others popping up to offer slightly dated humor. I will give Saturday Night Live the credit there, when it came to being risque. This show wasn’t risque. It was unique and funny enough for PBS. What’s really crazy to me is that the show was cancelled after two years due to pressure from outside Conservative groups. What was so offensive about this show?

The DVD comes with twelve hours of footage. However, you don’t get any special features. I’m not sure that special features for this release could exist. The A/V Quality is what you’d expect for a 45 year old show that aired on Public Television. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2015

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