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“Freeheld” is the true story of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree’s fight to have their relationship recognized. It’s weird given all that’s happened in the last year and how this film is going to be seen as a moment in time. Still, it plays fast and loose with facts. That’s not to mention the broad stereotypes and TV movie level dramatics. But, it makes you feel good. Right?

The big feature on the Blu-Ray is having the Academy Award winning short documentary to get a better glimpse at the truth of the case. When you provide dramatics to real life events, something always gets lost. Sometimes, it’s a lot or a little. This time it was about average. The A/V Quality comes with featurettes, the original documentary short and a commentary as the special features. I’d recommend a rental before a purchase.

Release Date: 2/2/16

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