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Former Opera Singer Lisa Reagan Explores Poetry on New Album “What We Need Is Here”

Acclaimed vocalist Lisa Reagan is unveiling an unexpected new chapter in her multifaceted career with the album “What We Need Is Here,” set for release on August 25th via Stillpoint Records.

After two decades with the Washington National Opera, Reagan has shifted focus to composing original music inspired by iconic poems. “What We Need Is Here” sets 10 classics by Yeats, Keats, Frost, Shakespeare and others to music she wrote to complement the cherished verses.

Former Opera Singer Lisa Reagan Explores Poetry on New Album

Reagan collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Jamshied Sharifi on the arrangements and an ensemble of musicians to record her poignant compositions. The title track comes from Wendell Berry’s poem “The Wild Geese,” included with direct permission from the writer.

According to Reagan, each song aimed to sonically convey the essence and emotions of the respective poem. She describes the album as a “project of the heart” honoring the poets that have moved her.

Beyond streaming, “What We Need Is Here” will also release on vinyl LP featuring cover art by famed portrait artist Paul Wyse. Reagan will preview the album live with a 14-piece ensemble on July 20th in her Oklahoma hometown.

With her seventh album, Lisa Reagan has embarked on an inspiring new pursuit showcasing her creative spirit. fans can experience her latest soulful fusion of music and poetry when “What We Need Is Here” arrives on August 25th.

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