Final Score

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Final Score is Die Hard at a soccer match. Listen, Euro people. You play soccer, we play Football. I don’t care where future settings of Call of Duty games call the beautiful game. If it bores 5 year olds in Peoria, that says everything about how you choose to spend your recreation time. So, what’s the deal with this Die Hard at some soccer stadium mud puddle? If you haven’t already, ask a friend where to send the hate mail.

Dave Baustista makes the most of what’s there. However, everyone in this film seems to be playing by notes rather than a script. Do the leads pull off the action? Sure, but that’s a known factor. You don’t hire Winstone, Bautista or Brosnan without knowing what they bring to the table. The film dies because it eventually ends and I couldn’t even remember how it began. The B-movie action fans will enjoy it, others should pass.

Final Score is available now!

final score


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