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Stuber 3 feat

Stuber [Blu-ray review]

Stuber arrived in early July to make a wet thud on the Box Office. I thought it was a little unfair, as these kinds of movies used to enjoy decent box office regardless of the season. But, it’s ...

Final Score

Final Score is Die Hard at a soccer match. Listen, Euro people. You play soccer, we play Football. I don’t care where future settings of Call of Duty games call the beautiful game. If it bores 5...

Stuber [Blu-ray review] 5


BLADE RUNNER 2049 REVIEWED “Blade Runner 2049” has irked me since it was first announced. The film is the definition of a Sci-Fi one and done. Why keep revisiting and building upon a world...

Stuber [Blu-ray review] 7


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 REVIEWED “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” made me admire what James Gunn wants to do with these movies. Somewhere between hiding Steve Agee and Richard Chris...

Stuber [Blu-ray review] 9

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