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“Extraordinary Tales” is an uneven film that should’ve floored me. I’m a huge fan of Poe, independent animation and most of the talent involved in the film. The animated anthology used Christopher Lee, Roger Corman and Guillermo del Toro is quite stunning. It’s just that when you’re tackling major stories, try to do something better.  When I’m watching Corman and Del Toro team up, I shouldn’t be thinking of three versions that played the material better.

Also, was Christopher Lee trying to mimic Peter Cushing. I’ve heard debate from fans on the matter, but I never was able to pin it down. Stylistic choices are great, but they shouldn’t be detracting from the film. The A/V Quality sports a solid 1080p transfer and DTS-HD 5.1 track. The Blu-Ray comes with featurettes, commentary and the US trailer as the special features.

Release Date: 2/2/16

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