“Entertainment” is one of those flicks that people really hated. Arthouse lovers and critics dug it, but I’ll admit that it took me multiple viewings. Gregg Turkington is one of those unsung comedic talents that gets hidden by being a Tim & Eric contemporary. What Turkington does with Alverson here is create a Lynchian comedy. The purpose of the film is to force the audience to realize that it throws emotional weight on abstract characters. But, doesn’t that happen in a lot of films?

I get that mainstream films want you to be entertained by these laughable losers, but “Entertainment” wants you to feel like the jerk for finding these people weird. In a bizarre sense of world building, the viewer becomes the unwanted guest. The Comedian’s world is full of people that make sense by the rules that govern his environment. The audience exists to judge people who don’t need them. It’s like a freak show where the freaks throw back hipster quips at you.

The problematic views through a prism are enough to destroy Tumblr. Surreal reality and violence come together to create a film that probably won’t even hit cult status for another decade. Stunning work all around. Pick it up for the arthouse dad in your life.


  • Deleted/Extended Scenes


  • 2.67:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track


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