Dragnet (1987)

Dragnet is funnier than I remembered. Many people forget that our beloved cop series was a multi-media project that went from radio to TV to film then dormant and then into parody. Jack Webb died working on a serious early 80s revamp of the series. Now, Universal bounced it between the director of First Blood and finally the guy who helped write Superman and Bond. Where was the rhyme and reason? Why did it work?

Tom Mankiewicz is one of those odd-end creators that always ended up working on everything I watched as a kid. Bond movies, Superman and more had his fingerprints upon them. What Mankiewicz did with this film is what worked on Superman. You tell a main story that is honest, then pepper it up with character flourish and a great plot. Honestly, most people forget how this movie works as a serious lampooning of the Religious Right’s hatred of porn and carnal behavior.

Plus, it’s got Dabney Coleman. Everyone loves Dabney Coleman. I really did enjoy the commentary on this one, but what’s up Shout?!? I was available. If not me, I could’ve got Mike Flynn to help you guys out.

Dragnet (1987) 17

Dragnet special features

  • NEW “A Quiet Evening In The Company Of Connie Swail”: An Interview With Co-Star Alexandra Paul
  • NEW Audio Commentary With Pop Culture Historian Russell Dyball
  • “Just The Facts!”: A Promotional Look at the film
  • Original Theatrical Trailers & Promos
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