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Thanks in large part to its meticulous re-creation of the late-1960s and early-’70s rock scene and the uncannily authentic performance by Val Kilmer as legendary Doors frontman Jim Morrison, Oliver Stone’s hypnotic film biography is standing the test of time. Capturing the carefree mood of the Age of Aquarius, the film charts the meteoric rise of the Doors on the California club circuit (including a memorable scene showing the creation of the hit “Light My Fire”), and chronicles the band’s exploits with hallucinogenics and Morrison’s battles against charges of public indecency on stage. Kilmer’s performance is hauntingly perfect, and performances by Meg Ryan, Kathleen Quinlan, and Kyle MacLachlan are similarly impressive. The movie doesn’t fully probe the depths of Morrison’s character, but as a portrait of excess it is vividly true to the spirit of the self-destructive poet known to his fans as “The Lizard King.”



  • Audio commentary with director Oliver Stone
  • Deleted scenes
  • Numerous featurettes


  • Video: I’ve now seen this film in the best presentation outside of theatrical exhibition.
  • Audio: English: DTS HD 7.1
  • Extras: Commentary, Featurettes, Deleted Scenes and Trailer
  • Packaging: Standard Blu-Ray keepcase
  • Final Tally: 97% – A


“The Doors” were one of the greatest rock and roll bands of the sixties and the quintessential California group of the decade. They so embodied the West Coast counterculture experience that viewing this biographical film about Jim Morrison and The Doors also provides a fascinating view of the cultural and spiritual forces that drove Jim and that entire generation to challenge the status quo of the American mainstream.

What exactly is the true story of the life and death of Jim Morrison? Is it the story of one of the many rebellious young adults of the time who in looking for an alternative way of living got lost along the way in the drugs, alcohol and sexual freedom that so dominated that culture? Or is Jim’s story a deeply mystical tale announcing the rebirth of ancient shamanism into the collective consciousness of the twentieth century? The story of someone chosen by the spirits to bring the ‘old ways’ to a new generation looking for something to fill the spiritual void brought about by the loss of belief in the Christian God?

Director Oliver Stone has played the mythmaker to perfection in this amazing film providing us with the unique experience of entering into the American Dreamtime. Layering mundane worldly events intermitently with glimpses of the psychic, shamanic forces motivating those events we are given the opportunity to chose for ourselves what level of reality we are willing, or ready to accept. A truly remarkable accomplishment.

As for the performance of Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison, it couldn’t have been better. His ability to capture both the physcial appearance and dark persona of the legendary rock star so completely is beyond extraordinary. Without question Val was born to play this role.


The Blu-Ray disc is a great release that shows off amazing A/V Quality. Hell, the audio alone is the best DTS HD track I’ve heard on Blu-Ray. Throw in some decent special features and you’ve got a hell of an upgrade. What are you waiting for? Buy it!



RELEASE DATE: 08/12/08

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