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Diane review: Best of 2019 #23

Diane is a film that has been percolating in my brain for a bit. Originally, we were going to live with this during Awards season. Unfortunately, most of the Awards outlets chose to ignore the movie. So, why am I spotlighting it? What is it about a film headlined by Mary Kay Place that sticks with me for so long? Well, it might have to do with Diane.

Highlighting a self destructive person that chooses to play hero late in life almost flies in the face of narrative drama. Think about it. You’re dropping an audience into a world where nearly everyone has turned on the lead. Yeah, Diane spent decades being a piece of garbage and now wants to save everyone.

When done wrong, it becomes the back story of the lady pilot in Picard. If you do it right, then you watch a character study of a failure trying to redeem themselves in their twilight years. Watching as older people fight against each other and have their hearts bleed due to pain, it’s a bit rough. Yet, Diane never quite gets what is happening.

Some readers accuse of me digging on misery porn. Well, I guess things haven’t changed that much in the past year.


Diane review: Best of 2019 #23 1

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