D-DAY 360




D-DAY 360 strips D-Day back to its raw data to reveal how the odds of victory, in the greatest gamble of World War II, swung on what happened over a five-hour period on a five mile stretch of French coastline. Data gathered though forensic laser scanning, 3D computer modeling, and eye-witness accounts bring the battlefield to life as never before.


“D-Day 360″ reveals that a lot happened during a five hour invasion. I appreciate that eye witness accounts were still able to be used to rebuild the Invasion. We have so few participants in D-Day alive that can talk about what happened. From there, their words are constructed and used to rebuild the world that was. So much raw data flies back and forth that it makes the Stats nerd in me go insane.

3D modeling allows us to rediscover what has littered the French coastline in the years since the 1944 invasion. While this documentary covers a lot of the same ground as other documentaries I’m going to be reviewing this week. Everything feels so much more human, since older people frame the retellings with their intimate knowledge. History was lived and this documentary never lets you forget that sacrifice for a damn moment. World War II evokes such feelings of pride for the most of the Western World. Sure, it means we turn a blind eye to the pain and strife that cause the War and what immediately follows. But, so many damn cool movies and people came out of joining the Allies and cracking Axis skulls! They’re just like Hydra sans laser weapons!

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for a documentary. The Dolby track is supportive with its surround design. However, the transfer feels a little flat, but typical. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.



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