“The Crush” is one of those R-rated flicks that everyone tried to sneak in to watch during middle school. I had to wait until home video to see Alicia Silverstone use a poorly discarded Cary Elwes seeded condom as a plot device. While it’s a fun thriller about a young girl stalking an older bachelor, so much of the material feels awful now. What is it about the Lolita mystique and the desire to ape it? A lot of it has to do with what happened to the film’s screenwriter/director and the then-current Amy Fisher case.

Alan Shapiro is noted for having been inspired to create the film after living the events in his real life. The new commentary with Shapiro covers the broad strokes, but I’d love to know more about what happened. In relation to Amy Fisher, this was one of the first movies to arrive after the Long Island Lolita case. The notion that young teenage girls/women could be sexual predators was a new concept. Watching as sexuality and aggression changed in the 1990s, this film feels like a bizarre look into the future. Solid work all around, but it might be harder to watch for younger viewers.


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RELEASE DATE: 06/21/16

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