In one of his finest late career films, Claude Chabrol once again uses a murder mystery to expose the underlying tensions and deceptions of a close knit community. When a child’s violated body is found in the woods of a Breton fishing village, suspicion falls on an unsuccessful painter whose wife is tempted by the advances of a conceited TV personality.


“The Color of Lies” continues my recent streak of digging into Chabrol’s work. A private art tutor was the last person to see a little girl alive. The town starts to suspect that he might have murdered and raped the 10 year old, but that’s not what does him in. It’s the intensity in his feelings towards his wife’s potential distrust. She says that she believes him, but something about her demeanor suggests otherwise. We’ve seen relationships in murder investigations before, but there is something honest to watching Gamblin and Bonnaire break down.

Sure, it’s a late in life movie, but I appreciate Chabrol’s commitment to the murder mystery. While Inspector Lavardin and this release share a ton of overlapping themes, there’s something special to investigating the strains that a murder accusation places on a marriage. Nihilism and spirituality get brought up a lot, but I feel that is secondary to watching what Bonnaire goes through as the wife. She cares so much, but what does that mean when reality keeps gnawing at the back of your mind? Would you be willing to sell your spouse out on something that is a 50/50 chance?

The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary and a re-release trailer as the special features. The 2.0 LPCM track is on par with Cohen’s recent Inspector Lavardin Collection. The 1080p transfer seems a little stronger. Ultimately, it’s a great release for a recent foreign film. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.


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