A website manager enlists the help of his two friends in order to convince the owners of his favorite coffee shop — which doubles as his office — not to turn their business into a bar.


“Coffee Town” is a quirky little film with an amazing cast that falls face first into many of the problems that face similar themed films. Too many plots are dangled, while the main plot of a loner trying to save his local coffee joint doesn’t get enough going. Steven Little proves himself to be this generation’s Don Knotts, as he goes out of his way to pull laughs out of nowhere. Howerton continues to break out of the “Sunny” mold, but I’m starting to realize that maybe I like the Dennis character more than the actor. I’ve watched Howerton in other roles, but I always want to hear snark come out of his mouth.

Glenn Howerton continues to show that he’s an amazing comedic lead. However, he has yet to connect in the way that his TV co-star Charlie Day has found in films. But, Charlie gets to play fun and friendly while Howerton is always pushed into roles that come across as pushy and demanding. Steven Little and Ben Schwartz steal most of his focus in a film that keeps trying to shift attention between the cast members that look like they weren’t easy to talk into their roles. That being said, the film did give us Josh Groban as a barista with a shit attitude.

The DVD comes with commentary and deleted scenes as the special features. The A/V Quality works for standard definition. You shouldn’t expect it to blow your hair back. But, the dialogue gets through and that’s what matters. In the end, it’s a purchase to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 02/03/2015

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