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[text_block_nav title=”The Plot”]”Clouds of Sils Maria” has slowly became one of my favorite films that I’ve seen this year. I’m not a huge fan of Assayas, outside of Carlos. A lot of his calmer movies show off the worst of modern French cinema. But, he manages to find a way to make the most out of private situations. Naturally, his continued relationship with Juliette Binoche mines stunning work. Then, there’s Kristen Stewart. If she is eligible for 2015, I’m calling it early. She’s going to ride this to an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”What Troy Thought”]The film focuses on an aging actress and her personal assistant. While picking up Lifetime Achievement Awards, the actress desperately searches for the role that will carry her into the Golden Years. Thankfully, one comes along that requires her to act against a young Hollywood starlet. Joann is a young Lohan type that acts in Sci-Fi garbage and lives in the tabloids.

The personal assistant Valentine tries to keep the egos in check, but our lead starts to realize something about her new status in life. Things are changing and she can’t be who she was. Watching as this identity crisis blossoms and pushed into every corner of her life is dizzying. Thankfully, Kristen Stewart is there to ground her and this film. If you’ve seen it, I’d like someone to recut the film without Stewart’s character and filter it in Black and White. The movie becomes Arthouse drivel.[/text_block_nav][text_block_nav title=”Conclusion”]Aging makes older actress sad, thankfully she has a work friend to help her look past the basic bitches.[/text_block_nav]

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