Yeah, people gonna die.

Lenzi says you gotta eat.

“Cannibal Ferox” is a great movie. But, it’s also the second billing in the great lineage of the Italian Cannibal Horror film. No matter what it does, no matter the Robert Kerman cameo…it’s never going to be “Cannibal Holocaust”. But, does the film have to match up to its older brother? Why can’t we embrace the ultimate urban gone country gone wrong story? Hell, Eli Roth seems to make a case for it in the liner notes.

Whether you saw it in a cut-up VHS cut or the various foreign versions, the story remains the same. You’re watching this film to watch people out of their normal surroundings being eaten. This is about my sixth time viewing the film and every time I try to view the movie outside of its base setup, I’m keep drawing the comparison to Cannibal Holocaust. While this film plays funnier, is that enough? Is that ever enough?

The Blu-Ray comes in a three disc deluxe edition. While this is the definitive presentation of the film in 1080p and DTS-HD 2.0 and mono master audio tracks, the extras are rich. You get the Eaten Alive documentary on top of a ton of featurettes and trailers. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.


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