An American tourist in Bangkok encounters a mysterious group of web performers harboring a terrible secret.


“Cam2Cam” wants to be a legit thriller. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. While the film can’t decide what it wants to commit, the piece does succeed as a bizarre exploitation feature. There’s so many attacks on transgendered, women, lesbians and everyone else that it’s sure to light up a Jezebel message board. But, those talentless hacks don’t watch these movies. I do and it didn’t even win me over. That’s not to fault the director. Joel Soisson knows how to work the camera, but he’s too much of a technician. I don’t feel any human warmth throughout the presentation. The cast is a blip. I can’t say they’re terrible, as they just blend together.

Web performers in the sex industry get the same respect as most people in the retail industry. But, the retail industry doesn’t allow one to whip out their genitals when times get rough. I wish that the creative team would’ve played around more with the Thailand location. Ratings be damned, we need to see a film about cam girls that makes “8mm” look tame. I know that might sound graphic, but we live in an age where penile removal surgeries are getting their own subreddits. Film has to compete with the modern day Sodom that is the Internet. But, they also have to contain carefully created narratives. For those that care, there is a bit of quality nudity to be had in the film.

The DVD comes with a director’s commentary and trailer as the special features. The A/V Quality works for standard definition. The Dolby 5.1 transfer is pretty amazing. But, the transfer plays too dark too often. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.


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