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It all comes down to this-the thrilling final season of one of television’s hottest shows, where everything is finally revealed. Separated from his friends and family, and on the verge of losing it all, Michael Westen goes deep undercover, joining forces with a mysterious woman and infiltrating a sinister terrorist network. With time running out, Michael must do whatever it takes to stay alive and protect his loved ones; but now, he may be forced to go too far. Packed with explosive action and exciting plot twists, Burn Notice Season Seven comes fully equipped with exclusive bonus features available only on DVD.


“Burn Notice” was a show that seemed to survive in spite of itself. What should’ve been DTV fodder became a basic cable staple for the last seven years. Plus, it gave Bruce Campbell room to mature and develop a character outside of the comfort of Sam Raimi. Most of the story elements are unrealistic, but they were sold well just enough to provide for modern pulp entertainment. That’s not to overlook Sharon Gless in her best role in the last 25 years. Man, I can’t believe it is over. It’s not like there were a ton of stories left to tell. Honestly, they could’ve ended the run after Season 3.

The seventh season was more of the same, but the stakes were raised. Fiona became more of a wild card, while the bromance between Michael and Sam seemed to cool. The terrorist network didn’t seem to be a season length threat of any worth. However, we got the standard gadgets and action set pieces. For a show airing on USA, they really pumped some heavy action movie dollars into the effort. It wasn’t HBO or something like that, but the popcorn factor was pretty high. I just wish we would have seen more of Michael’s past before the CIA and how that led to where he is now. But, I guess I like world building too much.

The DVD comes with commentary, deleted scenes, gag reel and featurette. The A/V Quality is standard when compared to past Burn Notice releases. You get a clean Dolby 5.1 track and a standard definition transfer. Digital noise is minimal, while clarity is peak for standard definition. Why haven’t there been Blu-Ray releases of the complete series yet? There’s a fan base to drop cash and it does air in HD on USA. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.


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