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“Borderline” is a dated take on the US/Mexico border troubles from 1980. While not released until the similar themed “The Border” hits theaters in 1982, the film still felt like it was made a decade or more earlier. Ed Harris is in his Romero acting phase, as he plays a smuggler that is taking brutal means to move Mexicans across the border. Charles Bronson and Wilford Brimley are the only Border Patrol officers that can stop him.

FUN FACT: The picture of a younger Ed Harris in “The Rock” was a publicity still from this film.

The DVD arrives in full frame, instead of its theatrical native 1.85:1 flat ratio. That is in excusable in this era. The Mono track and transfer are workable for a film of its age. Still, I can’t get over releasing a 4X3 crop job in 2015. Poor form and only worth a rental to the curious.

Release Date: 7/14/15

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