The AV Interview: Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea, The Righteous Gemstones)

The AV Interview: Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea, The Righteous Gemstones) 17
AndersonVision: What is it that makes a Movie Business comedy work as a romantic film?

I think it’s something that has never really been done before and even though the subject is the movie business the story is the classic rom com. Boy and girl hate each other, forced to work together… fall in love.

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)
AndersonVision: Introducing Jodea shows us a lead with many interesting quirks. How did you decide to implement those character choices?

Jodea is partly based on myself but she’s more innocent than me. She’s also gutsier than me and doesn’t care what people think she just goes for it. Although she and I do share a trait in that we are equally clumsy. I kind of wanted to make a funnier quirkier version of myself so I just went really over the top.

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)
AndersonVision: It appears that you’re returning to The Righteous Gemstones for Season 2, do you have any tidbits or insight on your Season 2 role?

Not allowed to say. So sorry. I also don’t know much at all about season 2 other than the episode I’m in so I’m looking forward to it as much as you.

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)
AndersonVision: Why is it that so many romantic comedies borrow from Pygmalion?

Pygmalion is a classic story and I think everyone wants a Feel Good story about someone starting out with nothing and finally succeeding.

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)
Introducing Jodea 4
AndersonVision: What is your favorite romantic comedy?

Without a doubt – Notting Hill. Best rom com ever made

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)
AndersonVision: What are you working on next besides Gemstones?

Have a few projects in the pipeline for next year but not sure which ones will take off first. The film biz is like that.

Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea)

Thank you for your time! Introducing Jodea is now available!

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