sons of thunder redemption interview

THE AV INTERVIEW – Charlene Amoia (Sons of Thunder: Redemption, How I Met Your Mother)

We recently interviewed Charlene Amoia who is starring on Pureflix streamer Sons of Thunder: Redemption. Many will know her from How I Met Your Mother where she played Wendy the Waitress. The intervie...

Hipbeat poster

The AV Interview: Samuel Forrest (Hipbeat)

Samuel Forrest is the director of Hipbeat. It was one of the last movies we tackled in 2021, so most of January 2022 is going to be spent cleaning up lingering things. Onward with the Hipbeat director...

Hide and Seek poster

The AV Interview: Joe Pantoliano (Hide and Seek, The Sopranos, The Matrix (1999), The Goonies)

Erix Antoine (Our Man Down South) interviewed Joe Pantoliano shortly before the Christmas Holidays. Due to everyone being off-line and having fun, we decided to wait until the world returned to normal...

Shuroo Process poster Emrhys Cooper director

The AV Interview: Emrhys Cooper (The Shuroo Process)

Our interviews with the team of The Shuroo Process continues. Today, we interview director Emrhys Cooper about the film and the road that brought him to the movie. We get into some side stuff, but the...

Shuroo Process poster Emrhys Cooper director

The AV Interview: Donal Brophy (The Shuroo Process)

The Shuroo Princess has been one of my favorite indie films over the last few weeks. While we reviewed the film, we had a chance to talk with some of the creative team involved with the production. St...

The AV Interview: Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea, The Righteous Gemstones) 6

The AV Interview: Chloe Traicos (Introducing Jodea, The Righteous Gemstones)

AndersonVision: What is it that makes a Movie Business comedy work as a romantic film? I think it’s something that has never really been done before and even though the subject is the movie busi...

Globi logo

Globi launched on December 9th. Learn more as we interview Tariq Jalil

In the last few weeks, we were invited to check out Globi before it launched to the public. Now (post December 9th) you can watch Globi for yourself and check out the best in World Cinema. Today, we h...


THE AV Interview: Paz Vega (American Night)

This edition of the AV Interview was conducted by Erix Antoine at the end of October 2021. Today, Erix Antoine interviews Paz Vega. Miss Vega is currently starring in American Night. ERIX: You’ve had ...


The AV Interview: Adrienne C. Moore (Pretty Hard Cases 2021)

ANDERSONVISION: How did your sketch comedy background inform your approach to a more dramatic role?  ADRIENNE C. MOORE: What’s most important to me in any role, whether it be dramatic, comedic, o...

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