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This May, Shout! Factory TV celebrates film festival season with a packed slate of celebrated arthouse films. Featuring a special block of six films from iconic filmmaker John Cassavetes, known widely as a pioneer of independent film, this experience is a must-watch for cinephiles and those just starting their exploration of cinéma vérité.

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A Woman under the Influence (1983)

(Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Fred Draper)

Mabel Longhetti is a mother of three whose husband Nick works as a construction worker. A mismatched couple, the Longhettis seem to be complete opposites: she’s impetuous, extroverted, and fragile, while he’s controlling, distant, and hard-bitten. Their differences underscore a series of domestic dramas, culminating in a nervous breakdown that sends Mabel to a psychiatric hospital for six months, only to return to a home environment on even thinner ice than before.


Faces (1968)

(John Marley, Gena Rowlands, Lynn Carlin)

An observation of the fourteenth year of the marriage of Richard and Maria; where neither husband nor wife is content with the conditions that prevail; Maria joins her friends looking for romantic satisfaction elsewhere, while Richard secures the services of a prostitute. Maria herself has a one-night stand with a hippie, but this is no more satisfying than her dead-end marriage.


Mikey and Nicky (1976)

(Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Ned Beatty)

Nickey is a small-time Jewish gangster in trouble with the mob. He calls on his lifelong friend Mikey for help. During the night the two spend together, the power of their friendship is undermined by their mutual nastiness and pressing financial concerns.


Opening Night (1977)

(Gena Rowlands, John Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara)

Myrtle Gordon is a Broadway actress at the end of her tether. She is about to open in a play written by her old friend Sarah Goode, but a series of pre-show setbacks and disasters threaten to destroy not only the production but Myrtle’s sanity. The actress is especially rattled when one of her staunchest fans dies in an accident. In the face of bleak reality, just how important is the old “show must go on” ethic?


Shadows (1960)

(Leila Goldoni, Ben Carruthers, Anthony Ray)

A straightforward account of a biracial romance: light-skinned African-American Leila falls in love with white Tony, who spurns her when he meets the rest of her family.


The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976)

(Ben Gazzara, Timothy Carey, Seymour Cassel)

Cosmo Vitelli, the owner of a sleazy Los Angeles strip joint, loses $20,000 at a mob gambling club owned by a small time gangster. Since Cosmo doesn’t have the cash, he is forced to murder a Chinese bookie in order to clear his debt to the mob. What Cosmo doesn’t know is that he’s part of a set-up. The bookie is actually a West Coast mob boss protected around the clock by bodyguards. The mobsters figure that Cosmo will be killed, and then they can take over his nightclub. But Cosmo proves luckier than expected — he manages to kill his target, and now the mobsters have to track down Cosmo and kill him.



Hoop Dreams (1994)

(William Gates, Arthur Agee)

Two young men are followed during their entire high-school career, beginning with their participation in playground games and ending with their being recruited by colleges. The obstacles these young men face include parental drug addiction, family poverty, and inner-city violence, as well as the usual obstacles that arise in competition, including physical injuries. While each aspires to leave the ghetto, there are many reasons to suppose they may not be able to, despite each beating the odds against them by winning college scholarships.

History Is Made At Night (1937)

(Charles Boyer, Jean Arthur, Colin Clive)

The obsessive and jealous ship owner Bruce Vail does not accept his divorce from Irene Vail, and he hires his driver to forge adultery with Irene in Paris to make the decree null. However, she is rescued by Paul, who punches Michael and locks Bruce and his private eyes in a locker, and they spend a wonderful night together and they fall in love for each other. Meanwhile, Bruce kills Michael and blackmails Irene, blaming Paul and forcing her to return with him to New York. But Paul does not give up on Irene, and moves to New York with Cesare trying to find her love.


Brazilian Western (2013)

(Fabricio Boliveira, Isis Valverde, Felipe Abib)

Brace yourself for a gritty gangster crime drama that delivers neo-Western violence, revenge and a captivating tale of love in equal measure. Shout! Factory TV presents the South American box office hit Brazilian Western. Since its theatrical premiere in Brazil and at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, this movie has been hailed by international critics and audiences alike for its passionate storytelling, melding the stylistic approach of classic genre films with a distinct and original vision.

A film by René Sampaio, Brazilian Western is a film adaptation of the popular song “Faroeste Caboclo” by Brazilian music icon Renato Russo and tells the story of love, blood and revenge. João de Santo Cristo is a young man who leaves his impoverished home behind in search of a better life. Arriving in Brasilia, he soon falls for the beautiful Maria Lúcia, the daughter of a senator. But as their relationship flourishes, João’s involvement in drug trafficking causes him to slide deeper and deeper through a downward spiral of crime and violence. The stakes become even greater as João finds himself on a collision course with playboy drug dealer Jeremias, his rival in business – and for the heart of Maria Lúcia.


Quadrophenia (1979)

(Phil Daniels, Mark Wingett, Sting)

Jimmy, a member of a well-dressed, drugged-up teenaged gang called the Mods, is forever duking it out with the cycle-punk Rockers. The rivalry between the two gangs comes to a head during three tempestuous days in the seaside town of Brighton. Here Jimmy makes love to lovely local Steph, and forges a strong friendship with unofficial Mod leader Ace Face. A series of disappointments and setbacks in his own London neighborhood convinces Jimmy to return to Brighton to pick up the pieces.


Other arthouse films now streaming on Shout! Factory TV:

  • A Boy and His Dog
  • Another Country
  • Breaker Morant
  • Death of a Salesman
  • Hester Street
  • I Married a Witch
  • My Brilliant Career
  • Othello
  • Room at the Top
  • Stagecoach
  • The Chosen
  • The Long Voyage Home
  • The Ruling Class
  • Trouble in Mind
  • Voyager
  • Werner Herzog Collection
  • What Alice Found
  • Wonderwall


A Man Called Django

After Django’s wife is raped and killed by a group of ruthless renegades, Django (Anthony Steffen) rescues the only man who can identify the murderers, a loud mouthed thief who is about to be hanged. The men team up and head west, looking for revenge!


Django and Sartana’s Showdown in the West

A vicious gang of outlaws abduct Jessica Colby and flee to Mexico! Django (Franco Borelli) the bounty hunter and Sartana the gunslinger join forces to rescue her from the gang!

Django Kills Silently

A small caravan of colonists is fighting off an attack by a band of Mexican outlaws when a young cowboy named Django (George Eastman) happens to come to their aid. After saving a young woman, Liana, they travel together to Santa Anna to find the outlaws and avenge her husband’s death!


Django’s Cut Price Corpses

Bounty hunter Django (Jeff Cameron) is hot on the trail of infamous bank robbers, the Cortez Brothers. But he’s not alone. Fulton is sent by the bank to get the money back, Pickwick is after his stolen saddle and saloon owners Pedro and Dolores would also like to get their hands on the loot!


Hells Angels on Wheels

At first gas station attendant Poet (Jack Nicholson) is happy when the rockers gang “Hell’s Angels” finally accepts him. But he’s shocked when he learns how brutal they are – not even murder is a taboo to them. He gets himself in trouble when the leader’s girlfriend (Sabrina Schraf) falls in love with him – and he welcomes her approaches.

Hell’s Angels ‘69

Chuck (Tom Stern) and his brother Wes (Jeremy Slate) are wealthy siblings who plan to rob Caesar’s Palace more for fun than profit. They ingratiate themselves to the Hell’s Angels of Oakland, planning to use the gang as a diversion during the staging of the heist. When Betsy the biker babe (Conny Van Dyke) mistakenly reveals the plan, the brothers are forced to take other measures when they become separated.


The members of a traveling Renaissance Faire, who saddle up on motorcycles instead of horses, ride from town to town to stage medieval jousting tournaments with combatants in suits of armor and wielding lances, battle-axes, maces and broadswords. The spectacle of this violent pageant soon garners national attention, much to the dismay of the current king of this Camelot. A challenger to his throne arises as they try to maintain their fairytale existence in a world wrought with corruption.

Written and directed by George A. Romero (The Night Of The Living Dead series) and starring Romero regulars Ed Harris (Creepshow), Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead), John Amplas (Martin), Patricia Tallman (Monkey Shines) and Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), this “vastly underrated elegy to idealism and rugged individualism” (TV Guide) offers “a compelling reworking of Arthurian legend [and] remarkable action scenes in the process” (The Onion A.V. Club)!


Run, Angel, Run!

When Angel (William Smith) writes a story about the Devil’s Advocates motorcycle gang, his luck changes. The good news is he sells the story to a magazine for $10,000. The bad news is he is a wanted man, now hunted by the biker gang. Angel and his girlfriend head for the northern California hills where ex-biker Dan Felton gives the two a job on his ranch. When Dan’s daughter Meg unknowingly tells the bikers where the two are hiding, she is gang raped. Angel and his girlfriend try to stay one step ahead of the gang who would like nothing more than to run them down.


Korn: Live

To celebrate the release of their tenth studio album, The Path of Totality, legendary rockers Korn performed live to a sold-out crowd at the famed Hollywood Palladium. With this album, Korn changed the rock landscape again — with a genre-defying foray into electronic and dubstep music, mixed with the innovative brand of metal Korn helped create.

This performance showcases the band in top form, highlighting landmark songs such as “Freak On A Leash” and “Falling Away From Me” as well as new smash hits including “Get Up!” and “Narcissistic Cannibal.”

Joining Korn onstage were several of the DJs who collaborated on The Path of Totality, including Skrillex, 12th Planet, Flinch, Downlink, Excision, Datsik and Kill the Noise.

Megadeth: Rust in Peace

In March of 2010 Megadeth hit the road in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their classic 1990 album, Rust in Peace. The show was filmed on the last night of the tour at the legendary Hollywood Palladium, not far from where Megadeth was formed in 1983.

The band played Rust in Peace in its entirety, including all-time classics “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due” and “Hangar 18.” The set list also featured several other fan favorites, including “Trust,” “Symphony of Destruction” and “Peace Sells.”

The Vans Warped Tour: No Room for Rockstars

With more than 300 hours of film shot during the 2010 tour, No Room For Rockstars documents the true stories of modern-era rock and roll from every possible angle. From the kids in the van playing parking lots to gain notice, to the veteran stage manager whose life was saved by the tour, to the musician who crosses over to mainstream success while on the road, No Room For Rockstars is cinema verité storytelling at its finest. A historical retrospective or concert film this is not. No Room For Rockstars offers a meaningful insight into the current state of rock and roll and the zeitgeist of youth culture.



(Featuring 6 hand-picked episodes)

Join Captain Steve Zodiac and his crew aboard their spaceship Fireball XL5 as they explore the galaxy in Gerry Anderson’s Fireball XL5. Six episodes of the classic Supermarionation series come to Shout! Factory TV for a month-long special event this May!


In the future, mankind has made its giant leap beyond the bounds of Earth. Under the supervision of the World Space Patrol, the galaxy and all its wonders are finally being explored by a fleet of spaceships unlike anything we have had at our command before. Under the command of the rugged Captain Steve Zodiac, the fleet’s flagship Fireball XL5 investigates the deepest corners of Galactic Sector 25 in search of faraway planets, alien life—and adventure.


Another distinctive creation from the mind of producer Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet), Fireball XL5 debuted in 1962 and soon became a favorite of young viewers with one eye aimed at the television and the other on the rapidly growing Space Race. Anderson’s famous Supermarionation technique is on full display here, offering its unique look and style to the adventures of Colonel Zodiac and his crew.


This May, Shout! Factory TV presents two classic MST3K episodes available exclusively month-long!


Multiple Emmy®-nominated and Peabody Award-winning Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is a true cult classic. Its high-camp rendition of B-movies from every genre to the small screen makes it one of the most memorable pop culture shows of our time. Brimming with laugh-out-loud commentaries from caustically hilarious space travelers Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson and their robot pals Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, MST3K was a genuine phenomenon. Its popularity spawned an MST3K fan following that numbers over hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide.


MST3K: First Spaceship on Venus

In the 1960 sci-fi thriller First Spaceship on Venus, a mysterious magnetic spool found during a construction project is discovered to have originated from Venus. A rocket expedition to the mysterious cloudy planet is launched to discover the origin of the spool and the alien race that created it.

MST3K: Tormented

A soon-to-be-married pianist is haunted by a jealous lover after he chooses not to save her from falling to her death in Tormented. Season Four’s episode features headless ghosts, a guilt-ridden Richard Carlson, and Joel stuck in a ventilation shaft, plus a day-rescuing round of happy thoughts.

Other notable series and movies also streaming on Shout! Factory TV now include:

  • WILFRED: Seasons 1 & 2 (Jason Gann, Adam Zwar, Cindy Waddingham)
  • BARRACUDA (Wayne Crawford, Jason Evers, Roberta Leighton)
  • CHILLING VISIONS (Symba, Danae Nason, Nicholas Tucci)
  • COMIC RELIEF: THE GREATEST (Garry Shandling, Gilda Radner, Harold Ramis)
  • COMIC RELIEF: THE LATEST (Rya Romano, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel)
  • DEAD SOULS (Jesse James, Magda Apanowicz, Bill Moseley)
  • GARGOYLES (Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Grayson Hall)
  • GIRLS ON THE ROAD (Kathleen Cody, Dianne Hull, Michael Ontkean)
  • SIMON, KING OF THE WITCHES (Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott, George Paulsin)

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