Andy Sidaris Deserves Your Respect: Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Malibu Express [Review]

Andy Sidaris Deserves Your Respect: Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Malibu Express [Review] 3

Hard Ticket to Hawaii is the second Andy Sidaris feature. Many tend to view it as the best, but I have a few other favorites. Picasso Trigger is coming up from Mill Creek, but there’s a reason they went with Hard Ticket to Hawaii first. It’s a diamond heist movie with a mutant snake and commandos fighting in the Hawaiian tropics. For 96 minutes, that’s the movie you get. Get ready to enjoy a Roger Corman disciple that lacks any restraint.

Malibu Express is about a wealthy Texas heir that lives on a yacht. When he gets bored, he works as a Private Eye that fights Russians. It was 1985 and the world was a different place. The Facts of Life gang went to Paris, Marty McFly was traveling in time and Ride the Lightning was about to make metal fans out of us all. Sybil Danning has a fun turn here, but let’s be honest. These films are pure genre entertainment love.

Andy Sidaris is the best!

Some modern podcasts will try to color their love as adolescent furor. However, these movies engage the brain on a different path. Sensory pleasures still matter in a visual realm that doesn’t engage in the cerebral. I can’t wait for the next wave of Andy Sidaris releases from Mill Creek.

The Blu-rays come with introductions from Andy Sidaris. Plus, audio commentaries and featurettes. If that wasn’t enough, you get some prime Sidaris trailers. If this is what we can expect moving forward with Mill Creek, then sign me up. These are the kinds of releases that make an indie releasing house.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii and Malibu Express hit Blu-ray on April 16th!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii Malibu Express Andy Sidaris

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