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AndersonVision tries SBR & The Liquid Advantage

While working on 100 projects at once, I often step back to look at what comes across AndersonVision’s desk. Most of the time, it’s movies and related entertainment options. Every once in awhile, we get the oddball entity to check out. Coming from someone who has real-world marketed for everything from CBD Oil to Magnetic Therapy, I’m super skeptical of the supplement industry.

Yet, I always keep managing to find a winner or two out of the bunch. SBR Nutrition is another winner. The three vials arrived right before the Site Remodel started. Naturally, I took the downtime to experiment and see which of the supplements worked for me. The first samples I tried were the Turmeric and B-12.

I come from two camps on these supplements. The JRE style cavemen scientists are always pushing Turmeric on me. Meanwhile, I grew up as a kid having B-12 injections pushed on me. I hate needles, so taking B-12 orally seemed like a win-win. The taste hit me weird at first. I took a swig of some Starbucks water and then tried the Turmeric. The taste struck me odd again. It wasn’t bad, but it felt like it was missing something.

So, in between screaming at site developers, I fiddled with the bottles to break down their ingredients. No sugar, no salt and no starch. The three building blocks of flavor were missing, so I guess that means they are healthy. Turmeric is an anti-oxidant that I’ve had a lot of readers pushing on me. For those that don’t know, I’m currently dealing with a separated shoulder. TLDR: I do a lot of goofy crap and I get hurt a lot.

Another day passes and I’ve got a bottle of CBD oil in front of me. To the right of that, I have the Turmeric. CBD eventually does the trick after 2-3 hours and I’m good for the rest of the day. The next day, I clear my system and I try the Turmeric. The flavor is starting to creep on me and it’s not bad. Within 45 minutes, I start to notice less stiffness on long drives.

The Turmeric doesn’t dull the pain ala CBD Oil, but it relaxes the side symptoms for me. Another day passes and I combine both vials and I’m spry as a rabbit. The speed of the impact left me eager to try out the other two vials. B-12 does what B-12 does, it’s an old stand-by and I’m not at the age where it creates a noticeable impact.

Then, came the Hydration. It’s a water additive meant to improve absorption and reduce fatigue. I noticed at the bottom of the bottle that it said it detoxifies cells. Ugh, I hate when people use detoxify as a buzz word. My liver works, people. That’s my detox right there.

It took a few days of mixing into my Reviewbrah approved Starbucks Water before I noticed any difference. There’s not an exact pep put into your step. However, it feels like a low-grade 5 Hour Energy that builds up in your gut biome.

Would I try these again? Quite possibly. I’m getting way more into supplements, but I find supplement culture to be kind of obnoxious. If you want me to keep up with more common sense takes on these products, let me know.

Also, check out and maybe buy some of the products from SBR. I’m not going to twist your arm, but I just want to make the option available to you.

SBR Final Caveat:

This is a sponsored post powered by SBR Nutrition. Well, not really powered by them. This is legalese designed to keep from deceiving anyone that might be susceptible to this kind of marketing bullshit. It’s a good product, otherwise I would have told them to hit the bricks. Try it if you want, ignore it if you must.


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