A woman and her sister begin to link a mysterious tunnel to a series of disappearances, including that of her own husband.


Not soon after a pregnant woman declares her missing husband legally dead, she begins to having terrifying visions that hint that maybe she spoke too quickly. Callie moved away 5 years ago but has just gotten back in town and is gonna live with Tricia. Tricia has just accepted that her husband is actually gone and won’t be coming back, when she all of the sudden starts seeing him everywhere. A therapist explains this to her by saying that it’s her mind processing the acceptance. But when Callie is out jogging one day, she meets a strange man in a tunnel who she later finds out is another missing person. One of many in the neighborhood.

There is a lot going on in the movie, but it always takes the time to make sure you follow the events. Even though many things are unexplained and hard to grasp, it’s so perfectly thought-out that you never feel cheated, instead you keep your mind working constantly to connect everything. And this is what makes the movie so great, there are so many levels of things.

The DVD comes with two commentary tracks, deleted scenes and featurettes. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for standard definition, but it’s frequently plagued by issues of edge enhancement. There’s also a little promo section where they show what it was like shooting the film on the Canon 5d. It’s pretty impressive and it helps to show off low-budget filmmaking. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 03/13/2012

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