“7 Cases” is the kind of film that probably would’ve worked best as an hour long standalone drama. I hate coming out with that first, but I feel that we’re missing something in modern media that allows for that. Pulp Fiction in terms of crime and other dark elements can do so much if you control the amount of time given to them to succeed. The film opens with that sense of immediacy and then the timing is gone by the halfway point of the film.

That’s frustrating for some, but I hope that it doesn’t scare away a potential audience. It’s just that the modern stuff with the family death revenge angle just felt played out. I don’t care how British it gets, but the last half just left me cold. The DVD comes with an interview, trailer and featurette as the special features. The A/V Quality is workable for standard definition. I’d recommend a rental or stream to most readers.


Find the film here:

Release Date: OUT NOW!

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