42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection #23

42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection returns for a 23rd time. At some point in the future, I fully expect Impulse to run out of adult shorts. Hardcore 8mm stag films always seemed plentiful, but I’ve now watched a day’s worth of them. What’s my grand takeaway outside of my soap boxing in the other review? Well, what can you say? Sex is still sex and you’re going to watch people who might be grandparents banging it out. Who am I kidding? A third of them probably died of the Coital Flu by the mid 90s.

Still, 15 loops of film exist and what do they say? With such titles as Jocks and Socks, Daddy’s Friend and Brass Bed Blonde…what sort of glimpse into our cultural history exists? None. It’s more about what the financial boon of these films gave other cinema that matters. If someone pays to see Brass Bed Blonde and then hangs around the Grindhouse to see Five Fingers of Death, then so be it.

Everything in its right place.


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