When a young model is found brutally murdered, a fetish photographer and homicide detective are brought together at the crime scene through a shared if sadistic interest. Before long an unlikely friendship develops between the two, as each tries to involve themselves in the other’s professional life. But their mutual affection for the macabre and grisly may ultimately lead to horrific consequences for both. Part high-concept art film and sultry exploitation shocker, director Joe Swanberg’s (Drinking Buddies) 24 EXPOSURES is an investigation of the thin lines separating reality and fiction, art and pornography, and life and death.


“24 Exposures” is this weird DePalma inspired movie about fetish photography. You’d almost expect a total carnage movie, but I guess that I have to applaud Swanberg for not going that route. There’s a lot to do with relationships between men and women. Hell, there’s a whole angle about fantasy vs. idealized reality that keeps hitting so close to being a major point. That’s what hurts me about the movie. It is so close to being great that it just breaks my brain.

Joe Swanberg seems to want to create an Instagram powered movie. Much like Instagram, there’s some stuff that’s cool. However, so much feels like a collage of dull and visually non interesting moments. There are important setups and I get what is being shot. It just feels like most of the movie has someone standing over your shoulder telling you what to feel. It’s like watching a movie for the first time with the commentary track on. If I wanted a lecture, I’d go hang out with Tay Fizdale.

The DVD comes with a commentary track, photo gallery and a trailer as the special features. The A/V Quality is very typical. There’s nothing special about it. The Dolby 2.0 surround track lacks the definition that I’d expect in the modern era. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.


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