A hockey player (Johnson) known for knocking teeth out of his opponents’ mouths gets sentenced to being an actual tooth fairy for not believing. Now, he’s got to juggle his new responsibilities while trying to impress his girlfriend and her two kids.


  1. Fairyland
  2. Fairy Fight
  3. Flying Lesson
  4. Lily’s Office
  5. First Assignment
  6. Break Room
  7. The Mission
  8. Face Off
  9. Scoreboard Assignment
  10. Children’s Fantasies
  11. Ghosts
  12. Ziggy
  13. My Way
  14. Locker Room Prank
  15. I Will If You Will
  16. Fairy Evolution
  17. Training Montage
  18. It’s Possible
  19. Smashed Dreams
  20. I Lost Everything
  21. Steals the Puck
  22. My House
  23. You Are the Real Tooth Fairy
  24. Proposal


George S. Clinton is a composer that I really can’t figure out. He does a ton of comedies and other genre material. Yet, I can’t peg his style. The last time I reviewed one of his scores at the site, it was for Extract. That was a rather upbeat selection of stylings for a rather dark comedy. I didn’t quite get whether or not if Clinton was being ironic. But, I did enjoy what I heard.

With “The Tooth Fairy”, I’m stumped again. There are so many action cues and high energy moments in the music. Yet, there’s no sense of tenderness that comes with the average family movie score. It’s been a month or so since I’ve seen the flick. But, there’s nothing in the score that makes me pinpoint a scene in the movie. The audio floorplan has been thrown out the window, as I’m left to scramble a place where the Clinton tracks match any memorable scene in the movie. 

“The Mission” is the strongest track on the release. Mainly, because it gets seven minutes to work out its pacing and find what it wants to do. Everything else runs at two minute bursts with no real direction. It sounds pleasant, but it never gels together as a giant master track. Where is the grand scheme? Where is the grand plan? That’s why I had to knock it down a full letter grade.


Final Score:  87% – B


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