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“Sid Caesar: The Works” is another one of those stellar Shout Factory classic comedy collections. Over 14 hours of materials are presented ranging from TV’s Golden Age to the nostalgia boom of the modern era. While younger audiences won’t recognize the immediate talent of Caesar, it’s great to have a mini-history collected of his work. Pairing this up with the previously released Mel Brooks set makes for an excellent vintage treat from Shout.

The highlight for me remains getting to see Ten From Your Show of Shows for the first time. While it’s a sketch comedy compilation from the early 1970s, it seems to be impossible to find anymore. That’s what these releases excel in doing, so I appreciate it when Shout takes a break from dominating the horror field to fleshing out a few of these sets. If you enjoy what you see here, check out the Harpo Marx, Steve Martin and Mel Brooks box sets. Classic comedy fans won’t be disappointed.

UPDATE: Apparently, my OPPO wasn’t going crazy. There was a sketch on Disc 1 that didn’t quite load for me. Apparently, Shout is aware of the technical issue and is updating it for the general release. That release is now pushed back to the Tuesday after Labor Day. Enjoy!


  • The Feature Film Ten From Your Show Of Shows
  • Celebrated Sketches From Your Show Of Shows, Caesar’s Hour And The Admiral Broadway Review
  • The 1967 Reunion Special
  • Excerpts From Caesar’s Writers
  • The Chevy Show, Featuring Sid Caesar
  • Mel Brooks: In The Beginning – The Caesar Years
  • The Paley Center For Media 2014 Tribute, Featuring Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner And Billy Crystal
  • The 1983 Episode Of Nightcap, With Sid Caesar, Mel Brooks And Carl Reiner
  • And Much More!


  • 1.33:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0/MONO


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    Content Score - 93%

The Plot Thus Far

Without Sid Caesar, comedy would have been a lot less funny.

In 1949, television was an infant technology. No one knew how long it would last … or whether it would last at all. A 27-year-old Broadway star, along with a team of writers and performers who would become legendary, including Imogene Coca, Nanette Fabray, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Larry Gelbart, Neil Simon, and Woody Allen, revolutionized sketch comedy by telling stories rooted in the human condition. They redefined television sketch comedy, and paved the way for landmark comedy shows like Saturday Night Live.

Sid Caesar – The Works is a comprehensive collection of the best work of Caesar and his teams, beginning with The Admiral Broadway Review, through Your Show Of Shows and Caesar’s Hour, and featuring many interviews and extras, including the 2014 Paley Center For Media Tribute with Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and Billy Crystal.


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