Director:  Ken Scott
Writer: Ken Scott
Cast: Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders, Chris Pratt and Bobby Moynihan
Studio: DreamWorks/Touchstone

“Delivery Man” is a derpy movie based on a French Canadian film that wasn’t this bad. Basically, Vince Vaughn jacks off for money. Two decades later, he has an army of children. He feels bad about spreading his seed and giving the world his dick gaze. But, adaptations are a bitch of a thing. What happens when you let the original director create a friendlier American version?

Based on his original French film Starbuck, director Ken Scott brings his original film in American form. The film starts out with some nice comedic moments from Vince Vaughn’s character playing the typical immature adult. However, it gradually shifts gears into a more sentimental film. As we watch David interact with his children, often ranging from some comical moments with them, but then we get the genuine and sincere moments where we see David begin to open his eyes to the world. From the outside, the film looks like some average comedy, but in the long run it runs so much more deeper and sentimental than that.

Then, the waterboarding starts. After that bit of seriousness, you can almost cue up the sitcom music as everything gets touching as Maria Hill drops her baby load. Movie ends and I yawn.

RELEASE DATE: 11/22/2013


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